Accounting Software for Your Business

Accounting task within a company is to summarise, analyse and report financial data and information about the company. Accounting software aims to record and process all the accounting transactions of the business within its functional modules. With accounting software, changes to financial statements can be easily done and prepared.

Some of accounting software’s are general ledger which means that it takes care of the company's financial business, payable accounts and the company’s receivable accounts

There are many different types of accounting software that can be used by a company, organisation or corporation, directly depending on their needs and experiences.

1) Small business and personal accounting software. This type of accounting software is mainly intended for home use as the software is simple and inexpensive with simple functionality such as budget management.

2) Low end accounting software. Those softwares are suitable for small businesses that are able of serving the local market. Such software’s are characterised by 'single entry' products.

3) Mid market accounting software.  Those are for companies with large businesses locally or possible international customers. Those softwares are suitable of multiple national accountancy standards and able to facilitate accounting in multiple currencies.

4) High end accounting software. Those softwares are more specialised with complex and expensive company accounting software that are also known as Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software.

Before buying an accounting software, you must consider things like your company’s needs, the price of the software and the facilities that can offer, different features and it’s after sale support by the production company. Most of the accounting softwares are include all the vital accounting models, while some more dedicated softwares includes more expert models depending on their price.

Here is a top five accounting software lists that sits in every category.

Small business and personal accounting software:
1. ePeachtree. Best Software product;
2. MYOB Plus for Windows. MYOB Software product;
3. Peachtree Complete Accounting. Best Software product;
4. QuickBooks Online. Intuit product;
5. Small Business Manager. Microsoft product.

Low-End Accounting Software:
1. BusinessVision 32. Best Software product;
2. MAS 90 & MAS 200. Best Software product;
3. QuickBooks Pro 2003. Intuit product;
4. ACCPAC Pro Series. ACCPAC International product;
5. Vision Point 2000. Best Software product.

Middle-Market Accounting Software:
1. ACCPAC Advantage Series Corporate Edition. Best Software product;
2. Great Plains (Microsoft) MAS 90 & MAS 200. Best Software product;
3. Navision. Microsoft product;
4. SouthWare Excellence Series. SouthWare product;
5. SYSPRO. SysproUSA product.

High-end accounting ERP Market:
1. Axapta. Microsoft Software product;
2. e-Business Suite. Oracle development product;
3. MAS 500. Best Software product;
4. Solomon. Microsoft product
5. ACCPAC Advantage Series Enterprise Edition. Best Software product.

The above collection may not be wide-ranging and some individual or companies might choose to differ with it the stated list.